Legend of Yun Xi

Legend of Yun Xi

Han Yun Xi could be the daughter of an imperial physician who lost her mum when young, but maintains a personality that is optimistic and cheerful. Yun Xi is essentially talented in science and skillful in conventional medicine, but suffers from others' envy and prevention. By a stroke of fate, she chased the Duke of Qin, Long Fei Ye, also becomes embroiled in their royal court's politics. Yun Xirelies on her high-level health abilities, wisdom, far-sighted brain, and also heart to eliminate the toxins of a great official, remove secret agents to the Duke of Qin, eliminate the plague to its ordinary citizens, also treat the crown prince's bizarre illness.
Released: 2018-06-25
Genre: N/A
Duration: 45 min
Country: China
Production: N/A

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