The Guardian Angel

The Guardian Angel

Criminal investigator Anders Olsen begins to solve a case in which a bank robber conducts and shoots at two bank clerks together with the money into the streets of Copenhagen. When detained, he claims to have committed the crime . Many eyewitnesses state the robber did actually have been at a trance, which makes the case even more complicated and odd. Olsen realizes that the accused begins to suspect that his fellow inmate had hypnotized to perpetrate the crime for him and has been in prison. But is it possible -- and if that's the case, just how do the perpetrator be caught? Olsen seeks help from a psychiatrist in hypnosis, together with whom Olsen delves deeper into the sphere of mental manipulation. Absorbed in the investigation, Olsen does not see that the Nielsen has secretly befriended his young wife. So on the cryptic case rolls him nearer than he could have imagined.

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