The Bacchus Lady

The Bacchus Lady

One of Seoul's most renowned prostitutes for elderly men is So-young, a 65-year-old woman nicknamed 'Bacchus lady'. When she hears that her regular customer SONG has suffered a stroke, she heads over to see him. Due to the fact that he has been abandoned by his family, SONG begs So-young to take his life. So-young finally agrees to aid him after a long debate. When she tells another customer Jae-woo about SONG's death help, Jae-woo wonders if he can kill his Alzheimer's patient friend. As much as So-young protests, he eventually relents and lets him have his way. When Jae-woo, after a long period of loneliness, seeks So-young for her assistance in committing suicide, So-world young's crumbles.

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