From the distant future, culture has now reached its form that was eventual. An"infection" in the past brought the automated systems to spiral out of order, resulting in a multi-leveled city arrangement which reproduces itself infinitely in all directions. Mankind has lost access and can be hunted down, now and invisibly from the defense mechanisms known as the Safeguard. At a corner of the city, just only a small enclave is facing eventual extinction, trapped involving the Safeguard's threat and dwindling food supplies. A woman named Zuru goes on a travel to find food for her village, only to bring about doom as soon as she is sensed by an observation tower and summons the threat to be eliminated by that a safe guard pack. With her partners dead and most of escape routes blocked, the only thing which could save is Killy that the Wanderer's coming, due to his pursuit for the Net Terminal Genes, the key to restoring order.
Duration: 106 min
Country: Japan
Production: Polygon Pictures, Netflix

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